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The Full Story


Refeelit was born in the year 2020 as a brand of Orient Express Int'l Ltd. Refeelit became a registered trademark on the year 2022.

Orient Express is a company created in the year 2000 holding factories in China and offices in Hong Kong and  a branch in Spain. It's main activity is engineering & manufacturing of high added value plastic and metallic components for the packaging industry

In the forest


Refeelit's goal is to provide reusability to all existing and future parfumes.

We aim to achieve this goal by providing innovative technical solutions..

"Imagine sustainable designs, make them real"...


We imagine stores that offer the traditional brand new parfume bottle aswell as  the option to refill, giving multiple lives to such beautiful products.

As of now Refeelit offers you a method to refill any sealed parfume bottle with an accessible pump, at the point of sale. Without modifying existing designs. Totally retroactive and universal.

The commercial implementation of this product is still open.

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